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Founded in 1871, Graydon Head is the oldest general practice law firm in Cincinnati.

With 3 Greater Cincinnati locations, Graydon Head remains 100% committed to our region.

Covering 7 major industry groups, Graydon Head has structured its service delivery to best meet the needs of our clients.

With 80 attorneys, we utilize a team-based approach in solving our clients' problems and adding value to their organizations.

Community service is an essential part of our Firm's identity. Each year our people donate thousands of hours to organizations in the not-for-profit, arts, and community service sectors.

Featured Attorney

  • Thomas A. Prewitt

    Tom Prewitt lacks an off switch. He leaves the office but not his work. He lives with a certain sense there’s always more that needs to be done. His cases get shower time.  He says his best breakthroughs come when he’s not at the office. He does his best thinking when he’s working in the yard, gardening, pulling weeds, mowing, seemingly mindless tasks that clear the distractions.

    He likes to cook, occasionally following a recipe, although he’s more inclined to improvise. He commits a few winter Sundays to a labor-intensive delicacy known as beaten biscuits. It’s a tradition from his Central Kentucky upbringing that blends White Lily Flour, lard, sugar and salt.  more

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