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The Enquirer featured a great article, Tom Prewitt finds a way "to make things happen", detailing Tom's efforts in changing the landscape of startup activity in Northern Kentucky. Great work Tom!



Have you read the latest Brush With the Law blog post? See how this blog brings together two seemingly separate worlds that could learn a lot from each other: the world of art and the world of law.


See what makes Graydon Head a great place to work in this short 2 minute


Graydon Head At A Glance

Founded in 1871, Graydon Head is the oldest general practice law firm in Cincinnati.

With 3 Greater Cincinnati locations, Graydon Head remains 100% committed to our region.

Covering 7 major industry groups, Graydon Head has structured its service delivery to best meet the needs of our clients.

With 80 attorneys, we utilize a team-based approach in solving our clients' problems and adding value to their organizations.

Community service is an essential part of our Firm's identity. Each year our people donate thousands of hours to organizations in the not-for-profit, arts, and community service sectors.

Featured Attorney

  • Zachary D. Prendergast

    Zack Prendergast has what he calls a “problem-solving personality.” With any problem he approaches, he asks this question: ‘How do I get to the other side of this as efficiently and painlessly as possible?’ Sure, he says, it may seem cold and calculating and mathematical to some. Can’t help it, he says. It’s the way he’s wired.

    “I don’t get emotional. I’m not emotive or dramatic. I’m interested in steps A, B and C. Let’s take things for what they are, and let’s fix the problem.”

    Zack grew up in Delhi and graduated from Elder High. One class from his high school years that stands out is American History, as taught by Dan Hilvert. “He was an amazing storyteller. more


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