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Welcome to Jack "Out of the Box." This is a spin-off of the Firm's InfoLaw Newsletter, much like "CSI: Miami" is a spin-off from "CSI." Except without all the corpses. I plan to update the blog at least weekly. Really. It's not like when I used to promise my mom to clean my room once a week. I'm more mature now. And of course, the InfoLaw Newsletter will continue every two weeks. The blog will feature shorter pieces, and ideally, reader feedback. Should be fun. Oh yeah, and informative.

Bet Somebody's Grounded

Mar 06, 2014

The daughter of a former Prep School Headmaster was apparently elated over her father’s $80,000 settlement of an age discrimination suit with Gulliver, the Prep School. Apparently the type of person who spikes the football, she posted this on her Facebook page:

"Mama and Papa Snay won the case against Gulliver. Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT."

And guess what? That post cost Mama and Papa Snay $80,000. And I can only imagine, daughter Dana is not headed for a European vacation any time soon. Which begs two questions. First, who’s sucking it now? And second, what happened?

While there is no law against being a bad winner, parties to a civil lawsuit are entitled to include confidentiality provisions in a settlement agreement. The Snays and Gulliver agreed to such a provision. Papa Snay (I came this close to typing “Papa Smurf” – a consequence of raising kids in the 80’s) probably breached the agreement when he told Dana about it in the first place. But I suspect he would have gotten away with that, had Dana not posted her Facebook trash talk. 

That post went out to about 1200 Facebook friends, many of whom had ties to the school. So not only was the school bound to see it, by simply printing it off, Gulliver had the smoking gun in hand. And Dana Snay may be the dumbest European vacationer since Clark Griswold.


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